Mentorship Committee

Mentorship Programme

A WLI Mentorship Programme was formally launched in May 2007, with an aim to “build bridges through long lasting relationships that foster the mutual growth and support of mentees and mentors”.  

The programme sought to provide a channel through which the women of the WLI could provide guidance and support for young women, by connecting highly motivated young women, with mentors from the WLI membership who can provide guidance, experience and support as they make their own personal and professional journeys through life.

 We are proud of the achievements of our  most recent mentees, who despite their challenging circumstances have continued their education and in one specific case moved on to graduate studies.

We have received specific sponsorship from Restaurants Associates which has aided the WLI in providing financial assistance to the mentees for their education where required .

The initial programme structure has since evolved into a broader set of objectives aimed at reaching  a wider cross section of young women  .

The Mentorship Activities include but are not limited to:

1.    Support to Tertiary Institutions on Interview Skills Development

2.    Collaboration with  other Mentorship Organisations

3.    Providing Career guidance/talks in High Schools/ UWI/UTECH

4.    Part financing of fees and other expenses for mentees and needy students.

In January 2015, The Mentorship Committee hosted a Career Forum in collaboration with the Mona School of Business targeting final year students. Four exemplary panelists provided guidance on interviewing skills, entrepreneurship, advancement in the workplace and ethics.

The Mentorship Committee recently established  a partnership with The Queen’s High School Guidance Counsellor Office to pilot a mentoring program with 4 young ladies in need of mentoring at a crucial stage of their academic development.