The Executive (2018 - 2021)

The Women’s Leadership Initiative 2018- 2021 Executive Committee chaired by Renee Menzies McCallum with Deputy Chair Megan Deane includes the following Chairs and Deputy-Chairs:

The Executive 

Renee Menzies McCallum Chair
Sharon Lake (Education Committee) Chair
Roxann Linton ( Education Committee) Deputy Chair
Nadine Heywood (Advocacy Committee) Chair
Herma McRae (Advocacy Committee) Deputy Chair
Eva Lewis (Mentorship Committee) Co-chair
Judith Douglas (Mentorship Committee) Co-chair
Marcia Erskine (PR Fundraising & Events Committee) Chair
Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham (Membership Committee) Chair
Antonette Wemyss Gorman (Membership Committee) Deputy Chair
Grace Burnett Treasurer
Gia Abraham Deputy Treasurer


Renee Menzies McCallum, Chair

  Roxann Linton, Deputy Chair, Education Committee


  Nadine Heywood, Chair, Advocacy Committee


  Herma McRae, Deputy Chair, Advocacy Committee


  Eva Lewis, Co-chair, Mentorship Committee


  Marcia Erskine, Chair, PR Fundraising & Events Committee


  Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham, Chair, Membership Committee


  Antonette Wemyss Gorman, Deputy Chair, Membership Committee