When the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) decided to use its philanthropic efforts to address education and health issues, it specifically selected VOUCH, Voluntary Organization for the Upliftment of Children, for close attention.
A multi-pronged strategy was planned with sub-committees focusing on different areas. The Health Subcommittee targeted the Mary Issa Clinic located at VOUCH and operated by Hope Worldwide, while the Education Subcommittee directed its efforts towards the Sylvia Foote Basic School and the Mary Issa Infant School.
The objective was to enable these facilities to better serve the social needs of the young children and their parents living in the surrounding Fletcher’s Land and Allman Town communities.


Past Projects

Where possible, the WLI also provides support for other projects, such as:

  • US$7,000.00 Donation to Dare to Care Project through the organization’s Sister-group in Miami-Dade.
  • $100,000.00 donation to Dorette Scott, scleroderma patient.
  • $40,000.00 donation to Hope Valley Experimental for educational trip to Antigua for one student.
  • US$2,000.00 to facilitate intensive rehabilitation for young girl student whose studies was interrupted due to a rare illness. She has recovered from her illness and has now gone on to study overseas.
  • Donation to the TMRI Unit at UWI for a Christmas treat for the children.
  • Donation of fifteen (15) scholarships to children from Clan Clarty Primary to attend the “Tomorrow’s Children” Programme, through an initiative to provide support for these children who were traumatized after experiencing the violent massacre of one of their peers. The scholarships were valued at $9,000.00 each.
  • $50,000.00 donation to United Way of Jamaica Hurricane Dean Restoration Fund.
  • Donation of $50,000.00 to the United Way of Jamaica Hurricane Dean Restoration Fund.
  • The WLI, in collaboration with the NCB Foundation, spearheaded an appeal to the public to assist with the reconstruction efforts at Mustard Seed after Hurricane Gustav washed away one of the two-storey homes at Sophie’s Place in Gordon Town and badly damaged remaining houses. Even more unfortunate was the untimely passing of three children as a result of the trauma. Through this initiative, approx J$7 million in cash was raised for Mustard Seed, and many donations in kind.